Hunting for Health

It’s not too cold for some exercise

Despite the extreme cold and rain on Wednesday, 23 brave souls came to Bagley City Park to learn more about geocaching.


Active Living Bemidji is currently working with the regions SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) Leadership Teams to define, develop, and implement an active living project in four communities under the jurisdiction of the North County Health Board (Beltrami County, Hubbard County, Lake of the Woods County, and Clearwater County). Geocaching was an activity selected by the Clearwater County SHIP leadership team to help identify barriers to physical activity throughout the county and increase opportunities to physical activity.


Thanks to some great partners for helping put this event together!



The Clearwater County Boyscouts were great help with this event. They helped make the course, hide all the caches, and assist the beginners with GPS education 101 (which I of course needed to attend being a newbie).


All in all this experience was worthwhile (despite the weather) because of these new geocachers.


For more information about geocaching visit the Offical Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Emily Brooks

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